Today it blew like yesterday but that didn’t stop us from catching fish. Travis and Eric caught a bunch of trout but most were in the 14” class with few keepers. A few ladies showed up and gave us some high flying action. After that, we did get to sight cast to some redfish tailing as well as cruising. Eric is going to remember what that redfish looked like when he came up and ate the bait five feet from the boat. Stuff like that will never leaves your mind. Pick your moon time to fish while it is big, because that is when you will get your bite. Tails came up as the moon was under yesterday, when most anglers were headed back to the dock. Toss a Gulp shrimp in natural color and work it slow past them. As you will find twitching at the wrong time will spook your fish. If you can’t see fish then just blind cast ahead of your drift. Don’t pass up the sand spots. We also caught a tripletail yesterday. Above you can see Evan and Aaron with a double header; they are holding some oversize redfish. I have been fishing these two fine young men for over ten years. It is great seeing children develop and become fine young adults. Keep up the good work Chris/Dad. The trout bite has been awesome this week. I had four anglers out a few days ago and they took 16 keepers home and released another 35 trout. Three were well over the upper slot size. They caught the trout on Gulp Sinking Minnows and Power Bait Jerk shads in Mullet color. Bounce your bait off the bottom and set the hook when you feel him inhale it. I have not seen the trout bite so good in some time. WATCH out for the manatees out there, they are everywhere and they will charge your boat. I dodged fifteen on the way home the other day. Pretty soon there won’t be any more grass out there for fish and the rest of the ocean to thrive on. Manatees are eating the grass faster than it can grow and one day the lights will come on for some, or maybe not. Just be careful, these animals are powerful and can harm you. Remember, think like a fish to catch fish OR just call me and I will guarantee you do. 386-314-5656 Back to Fishing Reports