Above Sara Subasic's (Birthday Girl) wish was to catch her first redfish on her birthday. Looks like she got her wish. The moon and the weather slowed the bite just a bit for a few days but now things are in full swing again. Today Michael, Tony and Chris caught thirty plus trout and three redfish. Trout have been chewing on my Power Baits like the finger mullet in black and white. That gives you both contrasts with any lighting, cloudy or sunny.  I usually start off with a mix of colors until I find the one that works best. The sinking minnow works well and will keep you close to the bottom. Today chartreuse and white seemed to be the best. Most of the good size fish are coming from the flats edges and white sand patches. Watch the baitfish as it swims off the edge where the trout are waiting, you will see them part for the predators.  Reds are along the edges of the flats as well following the finger mullet. Toss the same bait at the reds as the trout.  Ladyfish and jacks are in a little deeper water most of the time but they are still here as well. If you hook a lady and don’t want her to poop all over your deck of the boat, release the pressure of your line while he/she is fighting. They will shake the hook about 50% of the time, then you can spend more time catching targeted species. Below is Mike Subasic with a nice redfish.   The flounder are in the lagoon in the sandy bottom looking to ambush your bait. We caught a five + pounder the other day along with some smaller fish. They don’t fight the best, but what they lack in the fight they make up for it on the table. Today I told my clients, look, that is a flounder outline and just as the boat passed over him he shot out of the sand. He was really buried deep in the sand. They will eat your Gulp jerk shad bounced on the bottom as well.  Below are Chad and Sarah with a couple nice fish.   Remember, Think like a fish to catch fish or just call me. 386-314-5656 Back to Fishing Reports