Yesterday we had the slowest day of the month with 8 fish. Wow, the trout have been big and fat. Above, you will see Paul with a nice one that he caught on a Berkley Jerk bait/Finger mullet. Bounce it off the bottom for best results and choose a jig head with a 5/0 size or bigger for good hook up ratios. It’s like using a 7” bait. It keeps the smaller ones from messing with you and gives the bigger fish a chance. If you spend your time catching 14” trout and un hooking them, getting another bait, bla bla bla, you will spend less time in front of the fish you want to catch. Another thing I have watched for years is people fishing and catching these smaller trout. They are not handling them properly. The problem I am having is watching them grab a small trout with a DRY rag then tossing them back in the water. This wipes all the protective slime off the trout making them more susceptible to parasites and disease. So Dude, you sitting on that plush seat perched on your bow, is it you don’t have a hook remover or pliers or were they all the way in the back of the boat. If you don’t want to get your hands slimy (eww) use a hook remover, Please. Sometimes I feel I have touched base on this issue many times but I have to remember that there are new anglers on the water all the time and constant education seems to be a must.    Above, Paul took this nice redfish on his annual fishing trip with his dad Henry Schmidlin, they caught so many fish I would have to do a whole chapter on their Stay. Here is the short version in their four days of fishing. Day 1: 35 trout and 10 redfish. Day 2: 49 trout and 8 redfish. Day 3: 25 trout and 5 black drum. Day 4: 25 trout, 1 flounder and 5 redfish. Many ladyfish were/are in the mix along with some jacks. All of the fish were caught on Berkley Gulp and PowerBaits, except for the black drum. Remember, Think like a fish to catch fish or just call me: 386-314-5656 Back to Fishing Reports