Pete & Ryan Porcelli                   Above are Pete and Ryan Joseph Porcelli with a double header. They caught five fish in five minutes. Every parent needs to take their kids fishing, I can’t imagine my life without it. Rain, rain go away is what everyone is singing. Well, it gives us time to do maintenance on the boat and get things fixed. Before the rains, the fishing has continued to be awesome on most of our trips. The trout bite is still in full force and while you are fishing trout with Gulp shrimp bounced on the bottom you will catch some flounder. The most important thing you have to remember is to fish the moon phases if you are in the lagoon. The tide affects the northern most part but if you’re south, fish the moon. We have also been taking our share of flounder on the flats as well. Make sure you don’t pull hard on your Gulp when you first feel the strike, let him eat for a two count then slam him home. They won’t let go. They will hold on to it and swallow it if you let them. With your 1/4-oz jig head and your Gulp sinking minnow in cherry seed, white and pumpkinseed colors you will do some damage to the trout if you bounce these along the bottom and in the sand holes. We have been limiting out on a daily bases using this technique. If you fish next to the clinkers like this, you will also catch trout, ladyfish, redfish, sea bass, flounder, jacks, grouper, mangrove snapper, and you may even catch a baby goliath or a snook. This type of fishing keeps you active through your morning and time flies because we are averaging forty fish a day.  Below is a shot of the average size trout we are catching that Dave is holding up.                   The reds are on the flats but further up from where they were because of the high water. They are pushing up eating fiddlers and other things they have not been able to get to for the past few months. They also will be eating poppers flowing out and you can match that with a pumpkinseed colored Powerbait. Fish the flow and they will be staged up waiting for your offering. The tarpon are in the river now and you will see them rolling early and late in the day. Think like a fish to catch fish or just call me and I Guarantee you will. Back to Fishing Reports