www.captainjoeporcelli.com The fishing has been as good as the weather we have had, Awesome! Redfish have been tailing on the shallow flats looking for shrimp before they move out. We have been catching many nice ones on most days. Toss a Gulp shrimp at them and they will almost always eat them. Along with them will be the big trout up on the shallow flats. The smaller trout will be in a little deeper water seeking warmth. You can use live bait for them, but using a jerk bait is much more fun. I like the Gulp sinking minnow and jerk shad. They are my go to bait when I need to get catch a monster. For the smaller fish I downsize and use a small jerk bait and bounce it off the bottom. I use a 1/8th or ΒΌ oz. jig head. www.captainjoeporcelli.com You can also find some black drum around and we are catching our share of them as well. We are catching most of them on shrimp. Be sure to know that not all anglers will respect you or your fishing grounds so stay calm. Snook season just ended and we caught a few before the season ended. We used shrimp and jerk baits to catch the snook. www.captainjoeporcelli.com We are also catching some flounder in the mix on sinking minnows bounced along the bottom. Work them slow and feel for the soft bite. For the kicker species, we even caught a few pompano this week. Remember think like a fish to catch fish! Or just call me at 386 314 5656 Back to Fishing Reports