025 Fishing has been on fire for some time now. The water level in mosquito lagoon has risen a bit, spreading the playing field, giving you more options. We have been covering ground with shrimp hooked Capt. Joe style casting to redfish and trout in the white holes on the grass flats. Big schools of redfish are still happy to take anything you toss at them when they are ready to eat. Most of the trout we took this week were legal size and the largest was 7+ pounds. He was escorting a school of redfish around the flats and waiting for something to scurry out for him to eat. The smaller trout are in greater numbers in the deep holes but the bigger fish are on the flats. Bounce a Gulp shrimp hooked on a ¼ oz jig head or you can use a clicker cork rig if you are working the deeper grass flats. A few flounder should be caught using the jig bouncing as well. We caught a few ladyfish in the mix this week letting you know summer is almost here. 015 Big black drum can be caught in many river locations using a blue crab soaking on the bottom. I don’t fish for these as much as I used to but they are a lot of fun when I take someone that has never caught a slob before. Also in the river you can catch some nice snook, trout, redfish and many other species that live and feed their. A dock is an inshore artificial reef that has snapper, grouper, sea bass flounder etc. living under it. Bounce a jig under one and you will be surprised what you will catch. Practice your casting before you do this because you will lose lots of jigs and fish if you don’t. I up my gear a little while dock fishing so I can pull a critter out from under it when I hook up. I use 30# spider wire with 30/40# fluorocarbon leader for snook. If I get rocked I can grab the line and straighten the hook so I don’t leave junk in the water. 019 Remember! Think like a fish to catch fish. Or just call me. 386 314 5656 Back to Fishing Reports