061 Todd with his 12th redfish of the day! Mosquito lagoon fishing has been real consistent to great! Most of our reds have been falling for shrimp we have been offering them. Now that the pin and pigfish are growing into piranhas we are using more Berkley Gulp Shrimp. We have been seeing some big trout on the flats for the past few months and have been taking our share of them. Some of these have been over ten pounds.  Jacks and ladyfish have been around the Clinker Islands and in the main channel. They are frothing the water while devouring finger mullet.  Bouncing 1/8 and 1/4 oz jigs off the bottom will catch you some trout, and a few of those jacks as well. Trout and redfish fishing has been really good and if you ever wanted to catch some it’s a great time to do so. 006 Fred with a small black drum The weather is showing a more consistent pattern and we are heading into the hot months. But the mornings have been quite pleasant still. If it is big reds you want, it is a good time to hit the water and catch one.  Use circle hooks when fishing these big fish, you don’t want to deep hook them.  Soon the pigfish fishing will be in full swing and the trout will be jumping in the boat. This should be going off for about the next four months. If you want to be guaranteed fish call me and I will be sure to put you on them. 386-314-5656 Back to Fishing Reports