Wow what a run of charters. Not so much the numbers but four anglers on each trip, that means when the fish are chewing I have to step it into overdrive, lol. The pigfish (bait) are perfect size and the trout bite on them has been good to awesome. We have been catching anywhere from 30 to 50 fish a day on average. So the fishing has been awesome on most days! But we are going through a lot of baits and missing many on some days. And some days more than I would like to count, lol it's all part of it though, if we caught them all we wouldn't have any for tomorrow. Others days the anglers are spot on and are catching 80% of their bites. I had Bob, Wade and Dana Johnson out for a morning trip and they wacked the whiskers off those fish, LOL They caught mostly redfish and trout but a lot of quality size fish. 042 114 Another family that had a stellar day was the Moore family watching redfish tails waving for tem minutes before getting their shot, and no one moved. That's great when they are 7, 10, and 13, years old. So we got the double header on our first approach and many more that day. I have had the best kids this summer, quiet and fought fish like champs. Tom and Will Andrews fished a morning trip and caught 28 trout, 3 redfish, 3 jacks, 1 mangrove snapper and Will caught his first snook. Awesome day! 055 A few days later Chris Everett had a morning trip, and hooked one of the biggest tarpon I have ever seen on the end of a line. Then after playing with that monster he hooked a much more manageable poon about 55#s. Then we went and caught a bunch of reds and trout after the early morning thrills. Other fish we have caught in the past few days are hooked tarpon, caught snook, redfish, jacks, mangrove snapper, goliath grouper, ladyfish and a shark. It has been good so come get you some, before it gets too hot. 131 Think like a fish to catch fish or just call me, I guarantee you will! 386 314 5656 Back to Fishing Reports