www.captainjoeporcelli.com Fishing in the mosquito lagoon has been really good for redfish, trout, jack, ladyfish, and tarpon if you put a little time in. Look for large schools of mullet and you will find fish like trout or jack will bust into them indicating you're in the right spot. We've been pitching a lot of pigfish lately maximizing our time on the water with the noisy Bates. Some days we fish 5 spots and other days we have to fish 10 or 15 depending on the bite. If it’s going off, we go through a lot of baits quick. If you find yourself in a bunch of small fish move on so you don't burn your baits up on those little guys. www.captainjoeporcelli.com You can also catch some real big trout up on the flat and sight cast to them. You don't want to use a pigfish, he will swim down in the grass and the trout won't find him. If you do use a pig fish injure it so it won't swim away too fast. I prefer using a gulp shrimp in the natural color Hooked backwards captain Joe style. If you want some quick action you will see Jacks and ladyfish busting into baits. You can find them in areas such as The mud and other open bodies of water. Quickly move your bait through the schools of jacks and you will be surprised how fast they can attack your bait. This is awesome action for young children and anybody that likes a good tug on the line. Especially if you already have your limit of trout and redfish. The red fish have been telling on the flats very nicely lately rutting up crust rations on the bottom. Other red fish I have seen have been following schools of mullet and busting into them. We doubled up in no time the other day on a school with about a hundred fish sitting like cord wood. Some days are just easier than others. www.captainjoeporcelli.com It's a good idea to get out early because of the afternoon thunderstorms. Look for the tarpon rolling in the river in the early morning on the outgoing tide. Pitch a pig fish at them or a mullet or jerk bait or anything else you want to cast at them. And don’t be surprised when he eats your bait and launches out of the water. Remember Think like a fish to catch fish! Or just call 386 314 5656 and I will make sure you do. Back to Fishing Reports