Wow! Redfish are starting to feed like crazy like they were looking for their last meal, but the trout have slowed down. I had Mary, Jet and Chase Kennedy out a day or so ago and they got to whitness tailing fish all morning long from the first place we stopped. I saw the fish pushing before I stopped to fish them. We took about ten shots at the first tailing fish before he actually got his head out of the grass to find the shrimp. Then minutes later Mary caught a nice size flounder on a Gulp Shrimp, he will cook up well.  More tails were ahead but they stopped tailing before we could get our shots, so we moved on. The next spot was pretty much the same thing, hungry redfish cruising to find their next meal. We pitched Gulp shrimp and shrimp at reds for hours and ended up with some nice fish. This is about the best I have seen it for three weeks or so and I hope it stays like this. The trout have slowed a little in the past few weeks but Michael and Aiden Anderson managed to whack a few nice ones. They tossed Gulp sinking minnows across white sand patches in 18” of water.  They also caught redfish after the trout bite but the reds are much more aggressive now than they were that day. The water still has that discoloration in it but it has dropped about a foot making the flats shallower and exposing the fish. That makes for some exciting sight fishing for the reds. The weather has been a little on the hot side in the day so we have been beating the heat buy getting out early and finishing up before it gets too hot. Book a trip catch some fish and have some great fun on the water. Think like a fish to catch fish or just call me. Back to Fishing Reports