Big trout is what we caught yesterday and the day before and the day before. Along with some nice over slot redfish. The trout have been plentiful on the shallow flats in the Mosquito Lagoon. Yesterday Steve tossed Gulp Sinking minnows and minnow worms at big trout sitting, waiting to ambush bait. He ended up catching eight trout from 1.5 to 4 plus pounds. He and his son also caught ten reds between them to 33’’. You will see the reds on the same flats with the trout because the food is there. If you don’t see fish, move. If you see mullet, stay. If they jump a lot, cast. And you will catch fish.   I have been seeing these trout more this year than I have in previous years on the flat in the spring. The trout never bunched up as much this past winter because of the mild temperatures we had but now they are real happy since the finger mullet are running. I have also seen and caught many trout following stingrays and redfish waiting for something to dart out. If you want to catch numbers, say thirty to eighty in a day;  bounce your Gulp shrimp off the bottom in three to five feet of water. Work the many edges of the flats and move if you don’t catch a fish in ten minutes. You will catch some big fish this way as well, but you will catch ten smaller fish before you catch a good one. The jacks and ladyfish will chew you up while you are bouncing your jigs so you may want to go to a Berkley PowerBait. Remember, Think like a fish to catch fish or just call me 386-314-5656 Back to Fishing Reports

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