You know the saying you only miss something when it’s gone. Well have your Power Pole shallow water anchor remote battery go dead and not have a spare, You will surely miss it beyond words. People this anchor will spoil you like a garage door opener or a remote for your TV. Even more important, if you anchor with an old conventional anchor on a grass flat it tends to drag and rip up the grass doing damage to the grass bed. I could go on and on here there are so many reasons to have one. 001 Now the fishing in the lagoon is going off if you are there at the right time. Pigfish are the perfect size now and the trout see them as candy to a kid. If you don’t hit them in one place go to the next until you find where the trout are holding. In the mix you will catch bluefish ladyfish redfish jacks mangrove snapper black sea bass and maybe even a goliath grouper or a mackerel. 002 The flats are still producing many nice size redfish and you can catch them many ways from chunking to fly. I like sight casting the best because you have to place the bait right where it has to be. A Johnson spoon is a good way but make sure you rip it so it causes a vibration. It is a good research lure when fishing a new place that you don’t know if the fish are there. I use one when the water is dirty and you can’t see the fish as well. It also makes a sluggish fish attack because it pisses them off. They can’t stand the spoon getting away from them. It must really work on their lateral line. Black drum was another species we caught this week a small crab or shrimp work the best but they will eat a Gulp shrimp or crab as well. 003 Tarpon are making their way into the river system and you can catch them if you try. Remember think like a fish to catch fish or just call me and I will guarantee you will… Back to Fishing Reports