Josiah with a nice size Redfish

Most sportsmen are in the woods for hunting season putting very little pressure on the fish.  It has been a little windy this week keeping most off the water. We managed to get out and catch a few snook, redfish, black drum and trout this week. We caught our snook in the mangroves on the north end of the lagoon. Most of them are small but a lot of fun on lite tackle. We pitched Gulp sinking minnows at them in the chartreuse color. We rigged them Capt. Joe style kahyl hooked in the nose. This rigging gives jerk baits so much action, sometimes they are not even hungry but they will eat.

This is Bob Richards with a black drum he caught.

We caught some black drum in the flats sight casting gulp shrimp in natural colors. The water was black in front of the boat there were so many of them. The fish were from 3 to 12 pounds.

Trout are still up on the flats and on the edges chasing pigs and finger mullet. Catch the proper moon phase and these fish will eat. Of course cold fronts also predict the fish feeding habits.

Above is Geanna with her first Redfish

We caught redfish on everything this past week, pin fish, gulp shrimp and mullet chunks. I prefer sneaking up on them and pitching something they want to chase down and see if I can get it away from them. Only when I am fun fishing. Well the temps. are perfect, the water is clear and the fish are hungry. What are you waiting for?

Think Like a fish to catch fish! or just call me I guarantee you will.

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