Kim with a 10 # trout

The fishing on the flats has been good for trout up to 10 pounds the past few weeks. They are eating shrimp and finger mullet and that is what we have been feeding them!

Jason and Kelly double header

In the deeper water, say three to five feet deep, you can find trout and redfish in good numbers. I like tossing Gulp or Powerbait in the three-inch size range with a one eighth or one quarter ounce jig head. If you have your limit or are fishing for fun you can crimp your barb down on your jig so you do not have to touch the trout and you won’t remove their protective slime. Do not be surprised if you catch a few nice sized flounder while casting your jigs, we caught a few last week. If you like eating fish, flounder is one you will want to bring to the table.

Josiah Poole

On the shallow flats you will find the redfish searching for an easy meal in the am and they will eat your sinking minnow as well. We took many reds as we quietly approached them and pitched baits in their face.  Even a bad cast was producing bites. But just covering ground will work as well. You can cast a shrimp and do the same thing.

Snook have been part of our game the past month, not that they are monsters but a lot of fun on lite tackle. We have caught 12 snook in the last three trips mixed in with the trout and the redfish.


Think like a fish to catch fish. Or just call me at 386 314 5656, l will guarantee you catch fish!

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