021 Talk about perfect weather, we are getting it now after the rain we had for many days. The fishing is getting better with each passing day away from the low and the full that was here a week ago. Now it is going off and the fish are feeding much better. It can’t be perfect all the time but you always have to produce fish. Changing tactics and baits colors and locations will keep you in the game even on the toughest of days. I am so glad we are into the cooler months and can protect our skin with clothes instead of chemicals. 079 Trout are feeding on the edges of the flats now that the water is finally dropping out to where it concentrates the fish. Move if it’s not happening where you are fishing. Jacks and a few ladyfish are still around but they will go with the bait real shortly. Redfish were on the flats tailing yesterday and it was a beautiful sight after all the high water we have had. Pitching baits to reds on the white sand is an extra bonus because the client can usually track the fish and watch them eat. Trout may be just behind scarfing up the darters. The trout will also start to follow the rays soon so look out for that. Toss a spoon to cover ground and entices fish that may not want to eat slow bait. We had a shark come to the boat turn quickly splash water on my client and me. We were focusing on the bow as we were stalking reds in front of us. We didn’t see him until we were wet and saw him swimming away wondering what he just ran into, lol He was probably looking for a sting ray sandwich. 072 Tarpon will move out soon with the water cooling and follow the bait south. The shark’s cobia and others will follow as well. Get out and get you some of this beautiful weather and good fishing soon. 060 Remember think like a fish to catch fish or just call me I will guarantee you will. Back to Fishing Reports