As the temperatures in central Florida cool down the fishing has been heating up.  The lagoon has turned on like a light switch since the brown tide is long gone. The bait is thick and around them you will find the reds and trout not far away. Winter is just around the corner and the redfish will be adding to their fat layer preparing themselves for the cold.  Most of the redfish we have caught in the past few weeks have been on a half of a sinking minnow in white color. Because the finger mullet are white that is what seems to be doing the trick the best.  I rig mine Capt. Joe Porcelli style with a small kayle hook ¼ inch in the tip of your jerk bait. You can also Power Pole down and put out chunk baits and wait for the bite. This is a little slow for some but a productive way to catch many fish.   In the morning you can toss a top water plug and get some big explosions like Mo and Jay Lower did in the lagoon with me last week. Below is a shot of Jay with a nice trout.


We have caught some of our trout on pigfish but most of them on Jigs rigged with a sinking minnow. We have been bouncing jigs along the edges of the channels and drop offs. Make sure you make contact with the bottom to create some noise down there. If you feel some pressure and no jerking or shaking motion you probably got a flounder. We have been catching them on almost every trip we fish jigs. Lady fish will also eat your jig but most of them eat when you are working your jig too fast. You really need to slow your retrieve down at times to get the bite. Keep it in the zone. And if you get a bite and miss the fish toss it back in the same spot. If you catch a trout make sure you cast your baits in the same spot before you move on. And if you just want to catch fish and not worry about any of the fish brain stuff just call me and I will guarantee you will. 386 314 5656

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