Fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon has been great when you are on the right moon phase! If you are fishing with pigfish you are sure to whack many nice trout this time of year and all summer long for that matter.  We have been fishing the edges and the white holes and catching more than I want to clean, LOL. But that’s my job!

Photo of Chris with a nice trout!

As good as the trout fishing has been the redfish fishing has been just a good. Slot fish can be had on the shallow flats in schools and paired up cruisers. The big fish are schooled up now thinking about nothing more than eating and creating or the other way around. Throw anything at them even a banana peel and a great fruit peel, yes I did it and you can too. But a pin or pigfish finger mullet will work well.

Below is a photo of Lisa and dad Ron Littlehale with a double header on the reds.

Snook season opened up the first of the month so if you want to snook fish and keep one u better get on it.

Above is Terry Boyd with a nice red.

Some tarpon are around but I have not messed with them. Mangrove snapper can be had on the edges of the channel, Jacks in the lagoon and channels crashing baits along with the lady fish. Pitch a pigfish, powerbait, gulp or top water plug if the weeds are not bad. You may want to change those treble hooks out because these guys fight jump and toss lures back at you when you think you have won.  But they make great bait as well. Chunks that is something I have to force myself to do some times when I would rather be pointing fish out for anglers to cast too. Power Pole down and put out a spread of ladyfish chunks and try to eat a sandwich. Usually you’re getting more bites than you want from whiskers but the big trout and redfish will be in the mix. If you want to catch some nice fish it is a good time of year to do so. The waters have less pressure due to hunting season opening. So come get U some fish!

Remember Think like a fish to catch fish or just call me I will guarantee you will!

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