Fishing in the lagoon has been pretty good even though we have some brown tide going on. The water actually looks better than it was a month ago. The redfish don’t seem to mind a bit considering we have been catching the snot out of them on most days. We have changed up our routine since the water color changed two months ago. The fish don’t seem to be as spooked because they can’t see you very well. That makes it easier to get right up on them and pitch bait to them. When the moon is right the tails come up and we have been taking advantage of that time frame. Most of the redfish we have been taken the past few months have been slot fish or over. Early in the day if the wind is blowing we have been staking out and chunking chunks with great success. While doing this type of fishing we have been catching some really large trout.  Several of them over eight pounds and many nice size fish from two to five pounds.

Big Trippletail for Austin and Hunter

When getting serious about trout fishing use pigfish for your best results. Normally this time of the year we would be casting jigs and bouncing them off the bottom.  But with the water tinted it is best to go with the pigs, they call the trout in and do the work for you. Jacks and ladyfish are not as abundant as they usually are this time of year. There are a few around but not like the norm. Tarpon are crashing mullet in the am while the bait is trying to get out of dodge. Some of the poons will clear the water while ambushing the mullet, it is quite the sight.

Lisa Liu with her big red

Remember:  Think like a fish to catch fish, or just call me.

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