The fishing has been awesome for the most part unless there is a low over us. The trout are on the flats following the mullet schools and feeding like it’s their last meal. The redfish have been along for the ride as well but are more so schooled up in nice groups of fish, as we saw yesterday.

We fished the Big redfish the other day and caught a few but if you want the action, it is much more fun to catch a bunch of fish in the 20 to 28’’ range.  Speaking of the trout, they are in numbers in the deeper holes and can be taken with a 1/8th to ¼ oz. jig. These are generally smaller fish for the most part but every tenth one will be a keeper. There are many small redfish with them in the holes as well.  Bounce your jig on the bottom and pause for a split second, that’s all it should take for a strike.  Yesterday we cast twenty times in a hole and got fifteen bites. My client only caught five redfish and 2 trout of those fifteen bites in the first 15 minutes of fishing.  Then we moved on the flats and wacked some big trout and redfish after that.

Flounder, sheephead, black drum and some bluefish can be had if your fishing the channel and in the sandy patches. This is the time of year to catch a world record size black drum if that is your thing. I have broken and assisted 11 IGFA world records in black drum around this time of year.  The weather is on a better pattern now and fishing will only get better if that is possible, LOL  Well if you are not catching anything it can only get better for you.

Remember think like a fish to catch fish or just call me.  I will guarantee you do.

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